Friday, July 23, 2004

Definitive Irony

In tonight's news, there was an item that bears repeating. Seems there has been a specific terrorist threat surrounding the upcoming Democratic National Convention. The threat has the FBI on high alert, and they're taking it very seriously.

What's so interesting is that the press is the target of the threat. Now, I can understand that a strike at such a high-profile event would certainly get the world's attention. but for goodness' sake, the American Press has been some of the terrorists' most vocal allies! I think, however, that a strike against the press would achieve quite a lot. Consider that as soon as the smoke cleared, the folks inside the convention, fresh from their Farenheit 9-11 screening (sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus, btw) can gloat over how dangerous a world George W. Bush has created.

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