Friday, July 23, 2004

Just a few tidbits . . .

Just a comparison . . .

Then: Mark was a "straight A" student in college
Now: He never graduated from college

Then: Mark had been accepted into Med school in South Carolina, the couple was soon to be moving.
Now: Mark never applied to Med school.

Then: Mark checked himself into the hospital because he was "incapacitated with grief"
Now: Mark was picked up by emergency workers who responded with police to find him running around naked at a nearby hotel. He was transported and admitted to the hospital. He had checked himself into the hotel, ironically, under an assumed name.

Then: A witness said she had seen Lori in the park.
Now: The same witness says she isn't sure.

Then: Mark called Lori's work, then called friends, then police to report Lori missing
Now: He did just that, in that order, but found time to go furniture shopping in the meantime.

Now: Mark denies, in a confrontation with his father, that he had anything to do with Lori's disappearance.
Later: ?????

Think he's been e-mailing Scott Peterson for tips on getting rid of a pregnant wife?
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