Thursday, July 22, 2004

No spin here . . .

Headlines and links from the MSNBC "Politics" section, beneath a story titled:
Success of Moore film has Republicans rattled

Poll: Kerry has Hispanic vote locked up
Dillard won't seek Illinois Senate seat
Kerry takes gang plan to Urban League
Kucinich to formally back Kerry
S.F. may let some non-citizens vote
Trippi: John Edwards' rotten luck
Watch 'Picking Our Presidents' on MSNBC
Kerry near Bush in post-primary spending
Ice cream mogul puts Bush in hot seat
Bush saying little about 2nd term plans
GOP plans Boston 'war room'
Jenna gives media a little razz
Measuring presidents via the economy
New poll smiles on Kerry
Dillard leaves Illinois Republicans hanging
Labor's front cracks as convention nears
Delegates, ticket differ on marriage
WP: Parties wage battle of databases
White House Derby: Kerry's to lose
Bush vs. Kerry at a glance
Washington Post: Bush vs. Kerry
Day-by-day schedule of Democratic convention
A quick look at the Democratic Convention
Boston: For Democrats, stars and bars
'Multiple layers' of convention security
Boston: The political past is everywhere
Delegates would pick Hillary in 2008
Labor's front cracks as convention nears

Ok . . . so their motto isn't "fair and balanced", but wouldn't you think that one of the leading web news sites in the U. S. would try just a little to mask their political preferences?

Also noticed that a poll by the Pew Research Center upon which MSNBC reports (New poll smiles on Kerry) states that the dems are "almost even with the GOP on which party is stronger on the issue of morality." Of course this is from a sampling (unknown locale) of 2,009 adults, 1,568 of which are actually registered voters. Do the math. Almost 25% of those polled aren't even registered to vote! How in the HELL can they claim a +/- 2.5% margin of error?

Obviously the claim of a media bias toward the Democratic party is just a construction of the VRWC.

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