Saturday, August 07, 2004

A clearer mind

I must make a disclosure regarding the upcoming presidential election.

I have gone the way of many other supporters of our current President in getting baited into debates that should have been sidebars, not issues. The facts of the upcoming election should be quite enough to speak for themselves:

We must not go back to the emotion-driven "boom" of the 90s. History teaches the aftermath of the "roaring 20s", and we're living the aftermath of the "roaring 90s". Times will get better, but they won't get better overnight. Logic must overtake emotion, and common sense will need to become a lot more common. Personal accountability and responsibility must take the place of "self esteem" and "self-worth". I don't see that happening under a Kerry "image is everything" administration.

The "battle lines" have been so horribly blurred by the press on both sides. I truly hope the American public can discern the real differences between these two men, and make their decision in November upon something more significant than 40 year-old (thrown away) medals and "good hair".

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