Monday, August 09, 2004

A (rare) uncensored rant

There's a story here on Captain's Quarters that has me absolutely fuming.

This is the sort of bullshit that needs to be fixed NOW. The very idea of an illegal immigrant getting any of the rights that we enjoy as American citizens, rights our people have fought and died to defend, absolutely blows my mind.

For those too damned dense to recognize the obvious: Illegal: not according to or authorized by law. If we can't stop these people from coming in illegally, why in the hell aren't they deported when it's discovered that they're here? Furthermore, why is there even a debate about "government benefits" or "voting rights" when discussing a group of people that, if "right" entered into the equation at all, shouldn't be here! They have no "right" to a damn thing except a trip back to their homeland.

As to the "no taxation without representation" argument, anyone who thinks that's not going on every day hasn't a clue. I'm a business owner, but I live outside of the city limits where my business is located. Guess where I pay taxes on that business. Guess where I can't vote. As an American citizen, I pay taxes and can't say a damn thing about any city referendum to spend more of my money!

Humanitarian concerns? Please. Our immigration policy is open enough that anyone who really cares to come into this country by legal means can. But they do have to exhibit an understanding of the English language and know something about our system of government. (Hey, there's an idea. Give the immigration test to every American citizen--if you can't pass it, out you go! Overpopulation problems solved.) What to do with those who are already here illegally? Sell them into slavery in some third world country and we could get rid of the deficit. Enlist them in the military as land-mine detectors. Give them a pair of scissors (those blunt-point first grade plastic things) and set them to work cutting grass along the freeways. Maybe if enough return home with stories about how horribly they were mistreated, fewer would try to climb the fence. Furthermore, folks who employ them should be deported, and their citizenship stripped.

I really do find myself wondering if the non-brain damaged are in the minority nowadays.

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