Wednesday, August 04, 2004

This one's REALLY big!

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Mark Hacking may not be Mark Hacking. Breaking news reports state that he's been using an assumed name (presumably the same one he used at the hotel the night he was running around naked). That name, Jonathan Long, is the object of a lot of attention right now.

Now, if you're ready for a headache, ponder what the implications would be if "Jonathan Long" actually did graduate from college, applied for, and was accepted to Medical School. Would that be the same as Mark Hacking doing all the above? Is there a Jonathan Long somewhere who's been the subject of identity theft? Or is this pseudonym just a ficticious name Mark invented for the purpose of hiding his true name in some situations?

Don't forget that I speculated some time ago that he had a reason to be heading to North Carolina--potentially a romantic interest. This name being released may well flush out the object of that interest, if she exists. I'll be watching this closely through the evening, trying to keep up with this as it breaks.

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