Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Somebody want to explain?

I've heard so many folks give the Republican party grief for holding up a handful of minority supporters and appointees as "token" representation to display a diversity that isn't there. They've been accused of trying to win the black vote by holding up the occasional Condi Rice or Colin Powell that slips into the party, in essence creating "Black Republican Poster Children".

I present to you the latest "Black Democrat Poster Child": Barak Obama

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Obama was here in Mississippi recently. Why? Campaigning for Kerry? No, not according to this article. Obama made a sweep through the South "to raise money for his campaign". Huh? A fellow running for a senate seat in Illinois is pulling fundraisers in Mississippi and Alabama???


This is a direct result of the Democratic Party's infatuation with Obama. They've finally found a well-spoken, successful black spokesperson for the Democratic Party. Obama is an energetic, fresh breath of air into a party that has, essentially, lost its way. Like it or not, the Democratic party will soon lose their cornerstone senators, Byrd, Kennedy, and others, to retirement, and some of the party's longstanding allies in the black community have faded from the limelight, most notably Sharpton and Jackson. In a sense, Obama has the potential to fill both voids.

I have a lot of respect for Obama, even if I think he's a little bit misguided. For anyone to climb to the position of notoriety he currently enjoys takes a lot of dedication, and he seems to be a particularly talented speaker.

That's why I'm discouraged that he would allow the Democrats to use him in this fashion. Obama "made it" on his own. The blacks in the South before whom he's campaigning, however, are trapped in the cycle of poverty and government dependence that the Democrats have used to maintain political power. He's in a position to stand up with the party and say, "look, guys, there's a better way to do this." Unfortunately, he has chosen to step to the drumbeats of vote-buying giveaways and feel-good deceptions that have become business as usual for the once-noble party.

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