Monday, November 01, 2004

Final pre-election entry . . . maybe

I don't know. I would sincerely like to think that Bush will win tomorrow's election in a landslide, but I'm not at all confident of a Bush victory, much less one so decisive.

First, this map shows why the electoral college works. We have forgotten in modern times (I could actually point back to the Civil War, but I'll save that for a later post) that our nation is a union of sovereign states, not a single national entity divided into various subservient districts. Because of that, our founding fathers took measures to ensure that the states would have some sort of balanced representation, such that a handful of states, whether by population density or land mass, could rule the new republic. Wholesale ignorance of American history and government contributes to the cry for the electoral college to be abolished, but it is the only measure that stands between the democracy we enjoy and mob rule.

Moving right along, I'm appalled that the "big boys" in electronic and print media have been allowed to get away with some of the shenanigans we've seen in this election campaign. There are certain guarantees in the bill of rights that extend towards the press, but at the same time there must be a level of accountability and responsibility exercised by that body. As the child of a newspaper family, I know to what extend stories should be examined before they're run as fact. I also know that errors will invariably occur. But I know, above all, that the ultimate in irresponsibility in journalism is exhibited when stories are validated by the agenda they serve, not by their veracity. CBS should be taken to task over their memo scam, as well as their plans to air the "scandal" regarding the Al Qa'qaa munitions storage site on the 31st of October.

Michael Moore should be quite proud of himself. Even Osama Bin Laden recognizes Moore's genius. In a more clear-thinking society, F-9/11 would have been seen as treason.

Anyone who thinks Kerry will ever take a hard and fast stand on any issue just hasn't been paying attention.

Anyone who truly thinks that Iraq had no terror connections is a fool.

I will vote for Bush tomorrow. By his actions and words when he has been viciously attacked by his opponents, he has demonstrated substantial character. By acting in the best interests of the United States, he has proven that he is a capable and solid leader. By fighting for the rights of the unborn and standing against the assaults on the sanctity of marriage, he has displayed moral integrity. By doing what was right, not whatever it took to appease a vocal minority, he has proven himself to be a true statesman.

Kerry, in his stances on all of the above, has demonstrated himself to be a genuine politician.

That's not a compliment.

Finally, the true colors of the Democratic Party and its allies have been displayed quite openly already. They are willing to do anything it takes to win the election, with no regard whatsoever to the welfare of our republic. This is obvious in the way they have approached questionable registration forms and/or ballots. They have fought against any measure to curb election fraud, and have characterized the enforcement of any law that stands against fraudulent registration or voting as "suppressive measures" targeting minorities. This assault on our most basic tenet as a representative democracy is shameful, and should be rewarded accordingly.

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