Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I've been through the desert on a post with no name . . .

The various stories I've been exposed to, both via MSM and the Blogosphere have my mind racing on many various topics. I'll apologize in advance for the scatter-gun nature of this post, but, as the title says, nothing really wraps these ideas together . . .

'I cut her arms off' A Plano, Texas mother severed the arms of her 11 month old baby. There's a pretty convoluted story about how her husband called a daycare center and asked them to check on his family, then the daycare center called 9-1-1. Nevertheless, she was calm while on the phone with the operator, stating, "I cut her arms off," in regard to her baby. I will be a very old man before I understand how police could take someone who has done such a thing into custody. She's charged with capital murder, but has a history of "postpartum depression," so look for a temporary insanity defense. I'm sorry, but PPD is the reason women cry because the baby won't eat--not the driving force behind brutally murdering your child. This woman should be killed just as brutally as this little baby. It's only right.

Here is a post is regarding seat belt laws. The lengthy comment I posted to Rogue Angel's blog regarding this question probably explains my viewpoint, but I'll hone it to the topic at hand. It isn't the government's business to protect me from my own stupidity. I believe that safety belts are the single best piece of protection you could have in a crash (I hate airbags, but that's another topic). I've seen horrible accidents with a wide variety of outcomes, and there's simply no factor that contributes to your safety like something that keeps you in the vehicle, in the place, engineered through multitudes of tests, to best protect your body. So I am certainly not an anti-seat belt person. It's my firm belief, however, that government has no business dictating their use. In my (not particularly humble) opinion, there's no limitation in sight to the government's power over personal choices when personal safety is legislated.

The UN should be totally abolished. It is an organization that, due to woeful mismanagement, flagrant abuses of power, and inept leadership, has been politically neutered. It has served as nothing but a catalyst for anti-US sentiment worldwide, and would fall flat if we, as Americans, refused our financial support. Oh, and Kofi Annan is an idiot.

I've been incredibly impressed with Bill Clinton's behaviour since he left the White House. I've never considered him to be a bad man, just a poor President. Many folks see him as just the opposite, but his greatest mistake, in my opinion, and the thing that I cannot excuse completely, is the fact that he lied while under oath before the court. I'd be jailed for that. Still, he has shown that he is indeed a true statesman, and probably will go down in history as one of the most noble "Former Presidents" in American History. Jimmy Carter isn't even in the running.

I get the distinct impression that the one thing that really horrifies non-religious folks is the idea that somehow, someday, something comes to light that undeniably proves that a religion (any one of them) is actually right. The other thing I've noticed in this vein lately, is that while there are many intellectual Agnostics in conservative circles, the non-religious on the Left are generally Atheistic in philosophy, and therefore much more hostile to religion.

Springing from that last thought, and I'll just say in passing that I'm not sure which is more imbecilic, PETA, ALF, or the ACLU.

One last thing. It's an overcast, rainy, dreary day here. We're expecting severe weather this afternoon and evening. I haven't been able to ride my motorcycle in over a week without getting drenched. I had planned to make a fairly long (500 miles each way) trip this weekend on the bike, but finances and weather have cancelled it. I'm working today, and probably tomorrow when I was hoping to be able to take off for the holiday after yesterday. But this morning, my four year-old little boy told me he loved me. It's been a beautiful day ever since.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!

Don't apologize for the randomness of your post. It is good, in my opinion ... and not just because of what you said about Bill Clinton. :) Though, I will say that perjury is one of those offenses that is rarely ever prosecuted. Take it from a former paralegal that has seen way too many people lie on the stand.

I am totally sickened by that woman that cut off her babies arms. That isn't PPD ... that is serious mental illness. Something has to be seriously wrong with a person to do such a thing.

And ... on the religious issue ... I agree.
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