Monday, March 21, 2005

My take on Schiavo

I have posted numerous comments over on Wizbang!. I have repeated my problems with this case over and over again. They all boil down to a few really disturbing things:

There is absolutely no way that I would condone someone being kept on life support against their own or against their family's wishes. That decision, made daily by families all over the nation, is difficult at best, gut-wrenching at worst, especially when there is significant disagreement upon the best action. What I see in the Schiavo case, however, is not an emotional, illogical hope by Terri's family, but rather a desire to see whether anything can be done to help their daughter and sister. I have a huge problem with any postion that contends that her husband is her "family," because of his actions in abandoning Terri. Until there are more tests, we simply cannot know what level of functionality, if any, Terri can attain. Until there is more time to study her body and brain, we cannot know what state she is truly in. I think the designation of "permanent (or persistent--I've heard both) vegetative state" is an attempt to make more people eligible for euthanasia. I also have very deep personal convictions that insist that to cause death, whether by comissive or omissive action, is morally wrong, outside the realm of capital punishment (that's another debate entirely).

Please, search your heart. Look closely at the unbiased, established facts (not hearsay). Go through the events of Terri's illness, from the mysterious collapse at her home through all the legal wrangling, to today. Ask yourself whether Michael is truly acting in Terri's best interests. Perhaps most importantly, ask yourself not whether you would wish to live in Terri's condition, but whether you would consent to an estranged spouse making the decision of life or death on your behalf.

Dear Bo,
I agree with you 100%about Terri's so called HUSBAND!I also think he has a motive for wanting her dead.Has anyone checked out his backgound for abuse prior to this?
Well, there has been some attempt made to flesh out the facts regarding her collapse. A few tidbits I've heard are that the paramedics on scene for the call immediately called for police backup--they were that concerned that it was a domestic violence call, instead of just a medical call. There have also been some friends who indicated that there may have been some abuse taking place. The fact that she was bullemic indicates that she may have been under extreme pressure to control her weight--perhaps her loving husband was the source of that pressure.

Of course this is all a moot point--he's found a way to "off" her legally. I did find it an interesting development from a legal perspective when Greer refused to review the case, even with testimony that Terri tried to speak when her tube was removed. An eyewitness to a crime that disputed a guilty verdict surfacing, even years later, would be cause for a court review of a criminal case. Also notable over the weekend is the fact that she is now being given morphine. If she is so horribly brain damaged to not feel anything, why the pain-management therapy?

Truly one of the saddest cases of judicial incompetence I've ever seen.
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