Sunday, October 16, 2005

Holy Toledo!

Ok, the title is about as witty as I'll get on this issue. Yesterday I watched as all auspices of civilization were torn away as a mob of savages rampaged in parts of Toledo, under the guise of "protesting" a Nazi rally.

And they were black.

The story isn't so much surrounding the question of whether the Nazis should have been allowed to rally. Instead, what is disturbing to me is that the sequence of events was, at least to some degree, expected by the city's leaders.

Does this say something about black culture? I don't accept that within every black person lies an innate tendency towards this type of behaviour. I do believe, however, that there exists within black society a set of factors in which this tendency is learned at an early age. I am not enough of a sociologist (or perhaps too much of one) to assign proper weight to the various contributors to this phenomenon, but I do think that rampant illegitimacy, entitlement mentality, and anti-white racism all play major roles.

The solutions to the problems are hard answers, but certain things need to significantly change.

One of the most noticeable things about the Toledo "riot" (quotated because this was decidedly not a riot, but rather a fit of opportunistic criminality) was the lack of any substantial force by the police department. Perhaps images of the use of firehoses against predominately black crowds during the Civil Rights movement discourages any show of force towards similar crowds, but a strong response to the opening motions of the melee would have prevented the event from escalating. Policemen should be authorized to use as much force as necessary (up to and including deadly force) in response to being targeted by rocks, bottles, and the like, and they should be willing to use such force. As it stands, there's no fear of retaliation, so there's no second thought given to such actions.

As to the underlying causes, the first thing that should be done is drastic welfare reform to stop the system from encouraging illegitimacy. As it stands now, more bastard children equals more money. No, maybe not most people's idea of a good way to make a living, but it has become a way of life to many, particularly among black Americans. There is currently neither an incentive for black men to father their children properly, nor for black mothers to keep from getting pregnant again and again, knowing that so long as she is responsible for a minor child, her food, housing, and healthcare will be provided by the government. To be sure, nearly every system will have flaws--those who unduly benefit, as well as those who abuse the system--but the current system is so horribly skewed against stable families that I'm not at all sure it can be reformed. It may truly be better to start again from square one, requiring re-certification under new standards. Those standards should truly help those who are willing to help themselves, but should have standards of responsibility to ensure that "baby factories" and "sperm donors" aren't rewarded for their efforts.

Secondly, the generalized "entitlement" mindset must be eliminated. Private citizens are "entitled" to precious little, but one wouldn't get that impression looking at the billions spent each year on "entitlement programs." I still remember when the shift was made from calling these disbursements "entitlements" rather than "benefits." The very idea that anyone is, through their own irresponsibility in life decisions, "entitled" to free food, healthcare, housing, utilities, or anything else for that matter, is diametrically opposed to the very principles of a free society. One of two things needs to happen. Either the eligibility requirements for the programs should be trimmed such that only the truly needy qualify, or everyone who could possibly qualify for the programs should sign up, breaking the system and necessitating a rebuild. Either way, the growth of the welfare state must be curtailed.

Third, and equally significant, is the problem of anti-white racism being taught in the black community. There is such rampant hatred and distrust of anything white that blacks have very nearly segregated themselves more completely than they were in the first half of the 20th century. Whether it's worse that such segregation is promoted by black leaders or that it is so readily tolerated by society is anybody's guess. Both aspects are abominable from my point of view.

Perhaps the most disturbing thought I had as I watched the drama unfolding in Toledo was whether this would be the first blow in some sort of racial conflict. There has been so much tension fostered by the elements I address above that I fear that such a conflict looms on the horizon, barring drastic changes to current trends. What's more, the mainstream media seems to play to these tensions, fanning the flames whenever they're given an opportunity. When so much airplay is given to racially-charged allegations and absurd conspiracy theories (Kanye West, Louis Farrakhan, e.g.), nobody is served, save those twisted individuals who actually want a race war. In the absence of clearer minds and kinder words, I'm reminded of the famous quote from Cool Hand Luke:

"...which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it."

I wonder how Jesse Jackson would explain this one.
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